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Therapeutic Behavior Consultation

VBCS is committed to providing Therapeutic Behavior Consultation that is compassionate, effective, and evidenced-based. These services are delivered by a Licensed Behavior Analyst and are built around the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and utilize a person-centered model to achieve socially significant outcomes.

Challenging behavior often leads to a restrictive lifestyle for the individual and therefore, affecting quality of life. Individuals often engage in challenging behavior to obtain their wants and needs and there is typically a history of these challenging behaviors being reinforced by others in their environment. By assessing the context and outcomes of the problem behavior in the environment, it is possible to determine the function of the behavior. A plan can now be developed to make the challenging behavior less effective and efficient, and make the desired behavior more functional and rewarding for the individual. In many cases this involves teaching the individual new skills, teaching those in the environment a different way to respond to the individual's behavior, and modifying the environment.

Our Licensed Behavior Analyst will take several steps to achieve desired outcomes:

  • Determine the function of the individual's challenging behavior through interviews, observations, and assessments.

  • Discover with the team the best way to collect data and capture baseline data prior to treatment.

  • Review assessment results and baseline data.

  • Develop an effective and practical function based Behavior Support Plan that entails proactive skill based teaching, preventative and safety strategies, and reactive strategies.

  • Collaborate and discuss the plan with the team and train team members.

  • Review and evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and staff fidelity to the protocol.

  • Plan for generalization and self management.

The following funding sources are currently utilized: Developmental Disability Waiver, contracts with organizations, and private pay. We currently do not accept Private Insurance.


Contact Us if you are interested in setting up a training for your program.

VBCS has experience in providing behavioral and Therapeutic Consultation trainings. All trainings are individualized to meet the needs of the program or agency. These trainings are available but not limited to the following in person or online:

  • School Districts

  • Transportation Services

  • Residential and Group Homes

  • Day Programs

  • Community Service Boards

  • Comprehensive Services Act Teams

  • Agencies

  • Clinics

  • Private Schools

  • Conferences

  • Churches and Religious Groups

  • Families